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Автор Тема: According to the survey total plastic mold in the mold is gradually increase th  (Прочитано 6469 раз)
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steady, shanghai secco sides 622 quotations from the 13, more than 200 yuan / heap, steady, prices of different grades unaffected. yuyao stomach muscles market quotations today essentially stable. elementary oil costs rose a little, but very little significant impact out there. slightly elevated accumulation of market source, traders pessimistic perspective, and definitely shipping majority of transactions even now light, the downstream end-user money constraints, acquiring scarce. precise price changes today: daqing petrochemical stomach muscles 750a deliver 15, 550 yuan / ton, steady.industrial designindustrial design 
held regular yesterday..yuyao current market: yuyao ps firm market price tag today. crude oil prices rose a bit, but the market industry did not play excessive. strong impression of traders shipped, sales supply improved slightly, warm the lower downstream user admission to goods. current market demand intended for light, plus the prices continue being weak. particular price alterations today: wuxi weida gpps wd-500e give 12, 000 yuan / mass, steady, shanghai secco gpps 123 give 12, five-hundred yuan / ton, steady, yangzi basf gpps 158k give 13, 250 yuan / ton, steady, yanshan petrochemical gpps 666d give 12, 650 yuan / mass.innovative design
15, 900 yuan / load, steady, korea kumho 750 offer 16, 150 yuan / load, steady, costs of additional grades unchanged..shunde district: shunde ps sector fell a bit today offer for the atmosphere light. crude gas prices went up slightly stable, south monomer charges firm, though the pessimistic sector sentiment. traders to ship until following low-cost, industry supply commonly, the lower turnover holds very restricted. lower demand have not improved, using the use obtain. specific price situation these days: guangzhou petrochemical gpps 525 offer 11, 850 yuan / lot, slightly down 150 yuan / load, zhanjiang, china-us gpps 525 brand new offer twelve.product development
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